Cortland Plastics Expansion:
Automatic Vision Bottle Inspection:
 As part of our " Continual Improvement Process", Cortland Plastics has designed and engineered
 automatic 100% vision inspection technology for critical neck inspections. This inspection is in addition
 to our 100% leak detection inspection on every blow molding machine. Coming in early 2018 Cortland Plastics will be adding black speck/inclusion visual inspection to our blow molding online auto inspection process.
Additional Stock Molds:
Cortland Plastics has a variety of stock molds ranging in size from 4 oz. to 1 gallon. We just recently
added a square industrial gallon with molded-in handle with a 38/400 neck. Additionally, we added an 8 oz. 70mm round jar. We have also just added additional cavitation on our 25 oz. 89mm, 27 oz. 89mm and 32 oz. 89mm jar. Currently we are bulding a 16 oz. bullet style boston round which will become available late in 2017. In addition we are also building 12 oz. 89mm jar, 16 oz. 89mm jar and 20 oz. 89mm jar molds. Also available approximately April 2018 we will be molding a 16 oz. straight-sided cylinder with a 38/400 neck.
** Please see our list and pictures of these new stock molds as well as our other stock molds on our website.
Cortland Plastics now offers view stripe containers off our state of the art two by 140 mm center distance HDPE Double extrusion head.
New View Stripe Capability

During the Spring and Summer of 2016, Cortland Plastics doubled the size of our blow-molding facility from approximately 47,500 to 95,000 square feet.  This additional square footage significantly enlarged our molding area, raw materials and finished good warehouse, maintenance area, mold storage area and added brand new office facilities.  This additional space will allow Cortland Plastics room to grow for many years to come.